Flames of Plenty: New Zealand Fire Dancers

Fire: the ultimate entertainment, our ultimate passion!

We offer a wide range of fire performance options to fit any budget. From fully choreographed Fire Stage Performances to Roving and Entrance Dancers, our fire dancers will delight your guests!

We are proud to offer extensive liability insurance coverage, comprehensive Health and Safety paperwork and procedures, professional and trained staff, and over 25 years combined experience

Roving Dancers

Our roving dancers add ambience and excitement to any event (usually outdoors, though we can accommodate certain indoor venues.)  From one to six dancers, choose what works for your venue and budget. As a bonus, our dancers can dress in costumes to match your event theme - at no additional charge - including Lord of the Rings / Hobbit, Alice in Wonderland, Steampunk, kid-friendly, pirate, Renaissance, and much more.

Entrance Fire

The perfect "wow" factor to greet your guests as they arrive. From weddings to galas to awards events, this a great option, especially at events where they may be long queues, or where guests are mingling outdoors waiting for the event to start.

  • Up to one hour of performance time, as guests arrive or enjoy cocktails.

  • Outdoors in front of the venue - makes for a grand entry!

  • A variety of fire props based on the space provided, including palm torches, hoop, fans, poi, and more.

  • Costuming to match your event theme at no extra charge.

Fire Stage Performances

Pack an extra punch at your event with a Fire Show!

  • Ranges from 2-5 fire dancers, with the show lasting 7-15 minutes.

  • Choreographed with a wide range of props, including hoops, fans, swords, nunchucks, and much more.

  • Done on a stage, or on the ground/floor, with safety barrier.

  • Great for any size event, from private parties and weddings, to large events (our current record: an audience of 50,000!)

  • Themed costumes + music to fit your event

  • Contact us to discuss your options and see what we can offer to fit your budget and venue.

Fire Breathing Policy

For health reasons, we do not offer fire breathing. Click here to learn why.