What areas do you serve throughout New Zealand?

Flames of Plenty serves mainly the Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Eastern Bay of Plenty, Coromandel Peninsula regions, including but not limited to Tauranga, Hamilton, Rotorua, Taupo, Whakatane, Thames, Tairua, Raglan, Matamata, and surrounding towns. We are also available to travel outside of these areas. Get in touch with us about your needs and budget.

What props do you use?

Fire props include fire hula hoops, poi, fans, staff, levitation wand, double swords, broad sword, palm torches, and whip, among others. Our Glow props include hoops, poi, staff, Pixel Whips, levitation wand, and glow costuming. Daytime props include all the aforementioned props + juggling.

Do you have fire breathers?
For protect our dancers from "fire breather pneumonia," cancer, and other dangers and diseases, we do not offer fire breathing, and we cannot in good conscience refer you to a company that does it. Click here to read more about our policy on fire breathing.

Is fire dancing safe?

Yes, fire dancing is safe when done by trained professionals who are experts in the manipulation of their props, within pre-set boundaries and safety parameters, wearing the right kind of clothing, while supervised by trained safety officers armed with safety equipment. (In other words: Don't try this at home!)  Our dancers are certified in First Aid, emergency response, and fire safety. We have over 25 years combined experience between us and safety is always our number one priority.

How much space do you need to fire dance?

Generally, we require a perimeter zone of 2.5 meters diameter per performer. So for three fire performers, we would need to cordon off a minimum perimeter zone of a 7.5 meter diameter. Audience members must stay outside of this zone at all times.  This is important to keep in mind when planning your event; before booking, assess the amount of space you can safely cordon off for fire dancers, and let us know the dimensions of that performance space so we can accurately calculate the number of dancers that can safely fit in that area. We're happy to help with this - shoot us an email with the details.

Can you perform fire indoors?

Yes. It depends on the venue. Contact us to discuss your options.

How do weather and land conditions affect fire dancing?

Rain, wind, and council-imposed fire bans all affect our ability to perform. Rain can create slippery conditions that can cause our dancers to fall and hurt themselves or others. Wind above 20 kph makes the flames from our wicks unruly and unpredictable. If a local city or council issues a fire ban, we may need to obtain a special permit to spin fire. We offer contingency plans and a fair refund policy. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Do you carry liability insurance?

Yes, we carry liability insurance with a coverage amount of up to $10 million. 

Do you provide Health and Safety paperwork for my event?

Yes, we can provide a comprehensive Risk Control Plan along with our safety manual and emergency procedures.

Are you First Aid trained?

Yes, our principal dancers are certified in First Aid and Emergency Response.

How much do you charge?

Click here to request for a quote detailing your event and we'll build the best entertainment option for your budget!  Note that we do not have to charge GST as we are not required to be a GST registered organization - so we are often more affordable than other entertainment companies. Get in touch today to chat about your event!

Flames of Plenty - Frequently Asked Questions