Ooooo pretty sparkly things!  LED Glow Dancers are the perfect addition to any event. Great for those events where you want to add that "wow" factor but don't have the budget or the right venue for fire dancers, our LED Glow graphic Hoops, Poi, Pixel Whips, Staff, Magic Wand, Giant Butterfly wings, and beautiful costumes will dazzle your guests!

Roving and Entrance Dancers

Great for events where they are long queues, or guests mingling and dancing on the dance floor, as well as children's interactive events like light and Matariki festivals. Wide range of props and costume choices to fit any budget.

Glow Shows

If it's a stage performance you're after, we have a variety of options to dazzle your guests!

  • Ranges from 2-7 dancers, with the show lasting anywhere from 7-20 minutes.

  • Indoors or outdoors, on a stage, catwalk, or dance floor.

  • Choreographed show, set to music with a variety of props.

  • Contact us to discuss your options and see what we can offer to fit your budget and venue.

LED Glow Dancers + Performances